What is a joining kit?

The joining kit will include Mustangs Merchandise, which is a T-Shirt, cap, sipper and wristband with the Mustangs logo

How does Mustangs promote a sport?

Mustangs Sports Club has tie ups with academies and coaches to train the athlete and send him/her to different tournaments under club’s supervision.

What are Workshops and nutrition camps?

Mustangs Sports Club will conduct workshops on different sports with the highly renowned coaches/expertise in each sport and the members will be notified. Depending on the sport the member is interested the nutrition expert from Mustangs Sports Club will provide the nutrition chart.

How can a member get 10% discount?

Once you are a registered member in the club, you will have an option to participate in the events conducted, and get this discount at the time you are registering for the event. If it is a team sport, you can create your own team, and the same discount will be applicable.

How can I participate in multiple sports?

When Mustangs Sports Club is organizing an event, you can opt for multiple sports e.g. If a member has registered for Cricket, he/she can also register for Badminton. Note: Please make sure both games are not falling on the same date.

How can I participate in multiple sports?

Mustangs Sports Club will have a selection committee monitoring all the games in the events, if the selection committee decides that you are an extraordinary player, Mustangs Sports Club will consider him/her as MVP.

How will a player represent the club in external events?

Mustangs Sports Club will provide the MVP with all the required amenities to participate in external events, Mustangs Sports Club will promote the player as a club member.

What is Match Fee?

When the player is representing the club, he is under a contract with Mustangs Sports Club. The player gets paid based on the contract signed by both the parties. Mustangs Sports Club is entitled to bear the participation fee.

How can a player build their own profile?

The official website www.scmustangs.com has an option to create your profile and is visible to the members, sponsors, coaches and other players. This will increase the visibility of the player.

How can a member create their own event?

If you are a member in Mustangs Sports Club and want to participate in a team sport, he/she can get the team of the choice and participate. As he or she will register as a member, you are entitled to still get the 10% discount. The team members are of your choice and Mustangs Sports Club will not intervene in the selection process. However, if the expert committee finds any extraordinary player he/she will have an opportunity to represent Mustangs Sports Club under the contract.